Belly Dance Costumes | How The Right Costume Enhances The Performance

Belly Dance Costumes | How The Right Costume Enhances The Performance

Belly Dance Costumes: How The Right Costume Enhances The Performance

Two of Karen’s students joined us in the studio to talk about the intriguing world of belly dance costumes. Everyone can agree that when a costume looks good, it allows the dancer to feel free, beautiful, and strong as they step on the stage.

We even talk about some embarrassing costume fails (Karen has like at least 135 of them!)

During this episode of the Baby Boomer Belly Dancer, we talk about:

00:00  Margret and Shevon’s belly dance costume journeys
02:41  How important costumes are and looking the part
07:32  Matching your costume to different styles of dancing
10:22  Technical precision, soulful innovation, and cultural respect
12:25  What works for you and your body and the way you feel at that time
13:54  Our current “go-to” costumes
17:20  Our first costumes
22:10  Where we get most of our costumes
24:25  Our favorite costumes – ready-made, making now, and custom-made
28:44  The most outlandish costumes we have seen over the years
33:57  Keeping the costumes interesting (for yourself and others)
35:26  Costume mishaps and how to prevent them
42:40  Being attracted to belly dance because of the beauty of the costumes

For the most part, it all comes down to having the right bra.


With over 40 years in her chosen craft of belly dancing, Karavan Studio owner and professional belly dancer, Karen Barbee Adkisson, has been teaching students the art of belly dance techniques for more than 30 years and is dedicated to keeping live music performances as part of this artful cultural dance.

Join us as Karen’s inquisitive mind and unique perspective on a wide array of topics inspire, educate, and even entertain your sensibilities… because everything comes back to belly dance.

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