Siblings With No Rivalry | How Karen Started Her Belly Dance Journey

Siblings With No Rivalry | How Karen Started Her Belly Dance Journey

Siblings With No Rivalry… How Karen Started Her Belly Dance Journey

We take a walk down memory lane as two of Karen’s siblings, Barbara and Herb, discuss Karen’s early years and journey as a belly dancer, performer, and business owner.

Explore a truly vulnerable and intimate view of Karen’s sibling dynamics and why there is no rivalry amongst her siblings.


During this episode of the Baby Boomer Belly Dancer, we talk about:

00:00   Meet two of Karen’s siblings — Barbara and Herb
01:39   We find out when Herb has actually belly danced
04:49   Where it all started with Barbara learning hula and belly dancing
10:37   When Barbara started teaching and Karen started taking belly dance
13:47   When Herb started doing karate
17:40   How they all fit into the family and how live music played a part
22:20   When Karen stepped out of her comfort zone
25:15   It’s funny what you remember about what people say
28:26   Being the “baby of the family”
31:26   The dynamics of two sisters and loving every minute of it
34:13   How Mom and Dad felt about Karen’s dancing and business
41:36   Why Herb was bullied in high school and ended up loving karate classes
46:40   “Don’t chase the rank, chase the skill” — what makes a great instructor
49:20   Being excellent vs. mediocre — when people are compromising
51:57   Improvisation — what it takes to prepare for the unexpected
53:35   Creating mastery through repetition

When you understand Karen’s family history, you truly see how her talent, expertise, and belly dancing philosophies have emerged over the years.

We can’t wait to have Mary join in on an upcoming episode to tell her part of the story.


With over 40 years in her chosen craft of belly dancing, Karavan Studio owner and professional belly dancer, Karen Barbee Adkisson, has been teaching students the art of belly dance techniques for more than 30 years and is dedicated to keeping live music performances as part of this artful cultural dance.

Join us as Karen’s inquisitive mind and unique perspective on a wide array of topics inspire, educate, and even entertain your sensibilities… because everything comes back to belly dance.

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