Defrost and Improvise | How Belly Dance Helped Us Survive

Defrost and Improvise | How Belly Dance Helped Us Survive


Defrost and Improvise… How Belly Dance Helped Us Survive

If you haven’t heard, San Antonio was gripped with snow and low temperatures not seen in decades, days worth of power outages, as well as neighbors and communities coming together to help each other out all across Texas.

Join Karen and two of her students as they talk about how, when things get tough, you improvise to keep moving forward. Texas had a tough week. Take a moment, sit back, relax and laugh a little as we talk belly dance and how most everyone in Texas had to improvise to stay sane.

During this episode of the Baby Boomer Belly Dancer, we talk about:

00:00  Improvising (aka surviving) this last week with guests Margret and Lisa
01:40  Where were you when you realized things were going to get weird?
10:00  When did you know this was getting real?
13:27  So, we had to improvise!
14:10  What the improvisor truly needs
15:00  How we survived
16:40  Coming back into the studio and “squiggling”
21:30  Revving up for the new semester and Project Band
22:30  The last of its kind — our 25th GBDAC anniversary
23:32  You never know what life is going to throw at you
25:10  Finding something positive that will work in the face of adversity
26:32  Headspace and being able to flip focus
30:20  Imagination, intuition, and improvisation
32:11  Patterns, trends, commonalities, and what happens on the other side
33:40  Being more prepared and how Project Band helps us make those tweaks
39:00  Life is improve — since everything is in constant change

Let’s just say that belly dancing to live music and learning how to improvise through the Project Band experience helps each of us navigate through the bumps in life.

How do you improvise when things become interesting?


With over 40 years in her chosen craft of belly dancing, Karavan Studio owner and professional belly dancer, Karen Barbee Adkisson, has been teaching students the art of belly dance techniques for more than 30 years and is dedicated to keeping live music performances as part of this artful cultural dance.

Join us as Karen’s inquisitive mind and unique perspective on a wide array of topics inspire, educate, and even entertain your sensibilities… because everything comes back to belly dance.

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